Which Activity Is Not Allowed In A 3 Compartment Sink

Elkay Foodservice S3C18X18-*-18X 3 Compartment Sink 18"x18"x14" Bowl 18" Drainboard 18/300

Setting up a 3 compartment sink. Wash the items in the first sink Use a brush , cloth or nylon scrub pad to loosen dirt - Change the water and detergent when the suds are gone or the water is dirty. - NEVER use hands or nails to scrub or scrape off food and dirt. Sanitize the items in the third sink Soak them in the sanitizer solution for

You must always clean and sanitize each sink and drainboard before using a three-compartment sink. T ___ F ___ 2. After cleaning and sanitizing items in a three-compartment sink they must be wiped dry with a clean cloth. T ___ F ___ 3. A test kit should be used to check the concentration of a chemical sanitizer in a three-compartment sink.

A Prep sink B Utility sink C Designated sink for handwashing D Three-compartment sink!1 What must food handlers do after touching their body or clothing? A Wash their hands B Rinse their gloves C Change their aprons D Use a hand antiseptic!2 When washing hands, what is the minimum time that food handlers should scrub hands and arms with soap?

Not for individual sale. Activity Quiz 10 Cleaning and Sanitizing Name Date True or False? 1 Surfaces must be sanitized before they are cleaned. 2 Cleaning reduces the number of pathogens on a surface to safe levels. 3 Utensils cleaned and sanitized in a three-compartment sink should be dried with a clean towel.

The first thing you should do to prepare your 3-compartment manual warewashing sink to wash some tableware by hand is to clean and sanitize all sinks and drainboards Which of the following is NOT required by OSHA as part of a written plan to meet the Hazzard Communication Standard (HCS)?

Equip your dishroom with a sink that has several compartments to add versatility to your dishwashing capabilities. If you own a sink with several compartments, consider adding a 3 compartment sink faucet to your unit so you can funnel water to all of your basins.

Elkay Foodservice S3C18X18-*-18X 3 Compartment Sink 18"x18"x14" Bowl 18" Drainboard 18/300
BK Resources BKS-3-18-12-18T Three Compartment Sink 18"x18" W/ Two 18in Drainboards NSF
Three Compartment Sink 24 x 18 x 14 - 2, 18" Drainboards
John Boos EUB3S48-1*D 48" W 3 Compartment Bar Sink Stainless with 12" Drainboard
John Boos EUB3S72-2D 72" W 3 Compartment Bar Sink Stainless Two 18" Drainboards
Advance Tabco K7-CS-22 70" L 3 Comp Convenience Store Sink 10"x14"x10" Bowls
Advance Tabco 6-3-54-X 3 Compartment Scullery Sink 18" x 21" Bowls 304 Series S/s
John Boos B3S8-1821-12 3 Compartment 18" x 21" Stainless Steel Budget Sink
John Boos 3BCS-184-2D18 3 Compartment Corner Sink 18x18x14 Bowls (2)18in Drainboards
Krowne Metal 18-84C 4 Compartment Underbar Sink w/ Two 24" Drainboards 18.5"D
John Boos DT3B18244-2D24 3 Compartment Clean Dishtable Pot Sink 18" x 24" x 14" Bowls
Advance Tabco 9-23-60-36R Regaline 3-Compartment Stainless Steel Sink-20"x20" Bowls
Advance Tabco T9-3-54-X 3 Compartment Sink 18 Gauge 16"x20" Bowls Stainless
John Boos DT3B244-2D24 3 Compartment Clean Dishtable Pot Sink 24" x 24" x 14" Bowls
Elkay Foodservice B3C12X21X 3 Compartment Utility Sink 12" x 21" x 12" Bowls 18/300 S/s
Krowne Metal 18-43 3 Compartment 18.5"D Bar Sink w/ 12" Drainboard NSF
Blue Air BS3-18-2D 3 Compartment Sink w 2 Drainboards 18in x 18in
Klingers Trading DIS-3042 3 Compartment Stainless Drop In Sink 10x14x10 Bowls & Faucet SUB
Krowne Metal KR21-33C 3 Compartment 21"D Bar Sink w/ 7" Backsplash Stainless NSF
Setting up a 3 compartment sink
BK Resources BKS-3-1824-14-24T 3 Compartment Sink S/s w/ 18x24x14"D Bowls & 2 Drainboards
Krowne Metal 21-53C 3 Compartment Bar Sink 21"D w/ Two 12" Drainboards NSF
BK Resources BKUBW-336S 36"Wx18-1/4"D Stainless Steel Slimline Underbar Sink
Krowne Metal HS-3819 3 Compartment Drop-In Hand Sink w/ 12" Spout Faucet NSF
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Setting up a 3 compartment sink
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Setting up a 3 compartment sink

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