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Anyway, now: two tips, use SINGLE ply toilet paper, whatever brand, most likely store brand and Second, if you have a septic system, put a package of yeast powder in the septic once a month. You can either divide it up and flush it down each of your toilets or you can put it directly in the septic, should you have access to it easily.

This article provides a list of toilet brands, manufacturers,and sources. This data may be helpful in purchasing a toilet, finding repair parts for toilets, obtaining toilet installation or repair instructions for specific toilet models, and for identifying toilets.

Buying a toilet paper that is soft, septic safe and eco-friendly may be a bit daunting. We have put together the best brands in this review to help you. Find out more about septic safe toilet papers here.

Buying a new toilet may seem like a pretty straightforward proposition: Head to the home supply store, find something on sale, hand over your credit card and wait for delivery. What happens then? Possibly, you spend the next decade with a noisy, uncomfortable, peach-colored commode that blocks your bathroom door.

Toilet paper choices for septic tanks: Does toilet tissue create a problem in the septic tank? Recommendations for use of recycled-paper toilet tissue versus ultra-soft fluffy toilet paper brands address using recycled paper versus cutting down standing trees Recommendations for use of biodegradable toilet paper Questions & answers about using biodegradable toilet paper in homes connected to a

You can buy Consumer Reports' top-rated toilet paper at Walmart or you can wander farther down the paper goods aisle and buy the toilet tissue that did the worst in our tests. Sure it costs a

Best Toilet Papers Wipe Out Top Brands - ABC News
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